We understand that preparing for your new pup can be overwhelming, so we’ve prepared this Shopping List to help you get ready. Don’t worry – you’re not required to purchase everything on this list –we’ve starred & bolded the Essential items you’ll need. Everything in RED we PROVIDE or you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


 The Basics

-Collar* (We prefer martingale, no-slip collars)

– Leash*

-ID Tag*

– Food and Water Dishes (recommend stainless steel or ceramic)*

Dog Food (recommend Evo, Innova, California Natural, Natural Blend- -Manufactures always change so ask us for a current list of recommended ingredients for more info)*

-Crate (select size based on dog’s adult size and weight) *

-Crate Water Bottle or Dish

Carpet Cleaner (Nature’s Miracle recommended)

-Flea and Tick Preventative (e.g., Frontline, Advantix)*

– Heartworm Preventative (prescription, available from your vet)*

-Training Essentials Harness (Easy Walk Harness or two-step harness for -pullers)

-Training Rewards Treats

Chew Deterrent (e.g., Bitter Apple or Yuck)

-Treat Pouch (often recommended for obedience classes)


Grooming Supplies

-Dog Brush

-Dog Shampoo

-Ear Cleaner

Grooming Wipes (for between bath cleanups)

-De-matting comb for longer-haired dogs


Bedding and Travel

-Dog Bed Crate Mat or Liner

-Pet Carrier (for smaller dogs)

-Dog Seatbelt Harness

-Car Seat Covers or Doggie Hammock (protect seats, catch dirt and fur)

-Travel Collapsible Food and Water Bowls

-All Purpose Dog Blanket


Toys & Misc. **Almost all our pups need some kind of chew toy to keep them stimulated and happy. Here are our recommendations!


-Kong Toy (chewing and keeping dogs occupied in their crate)

-Teething Chew Toys (e.g., Chilly Bone or Ruf Puppy Teethers)

-Long Lasting Chew Bones (e.g., Nylabones, natural bones, marro bones)

-Edible or “We do not Recommend Rawhide” Chews try  ( bully sticks,Nylabone edibles, Booda Bones)

-Treats (biscuits and/or soft treats)

-Clean-up Bag Dispenser for Leash (e.g., Bags on Board)

-Food Dish Placemat (catch spills, protect floors)

-Pet Record Notebook, Folder or Journal (hold pet records, vaccinations certificates, etc.)

-Dog Behavior or Training Book