At Silicon Valley Goldendoodles, we specialize in Doodle varieties that are bread to become service dogs.  This means that all of our puppies are great with kids, other people, and existing family pets. If you desire a true companion you will find that Doodles are very capable of acclimating to your lifestyle and needs. Research has shown that Dog Ownership can reduce stress and lower blood pressure.  Dog Owners are also known to live longer and children raised with dogs are known to have healthier immune systems. 


Poodles have fewer health issues almost all other AKC breeds. The hybrid which comes  from out-cross breeding means that Doodles are typically healthy dogs. All parents in our breeding program are health and dna checked, and all puppies from our breeding program come with a 2 year health guarantee.


Poodles are one of the smartest (and most capable for training) dog breeds. Crossing a Poodle with another breed almost always makes an intelligent  puppy.


Doodles shed very little if at all  and are recommended for families with allergies, and those who don’t want constant dog hair.


Many people love the teddy-bear look of Doodles. Doodles have a diversity of hair consistency that allow them to be groomed to almost any owner preference.



If your application is approved, and your deposit is placed, you’re not locked into a particular litter. You have the option to pass on litters as they become available. This allows you to get the exact Doodle puppy that you want in the timing that works best for you.


Travis  has spent the past seven years developing a substantial  reputation as an International Certified Professional Groomer and also a breeder of Doodle puppies for several service organizations. We are happy to provide references, and welcome you to schedule a visit to our home. We have a very loyal following from those who’ve had the privilege of adopting a puppy from us.


We’re one of the only breeders (of any dog breed) that offers a fully refundable. We want families to get a great dog that is a good fit for your family.  We recognize that for some families an older dog through a Humane Society or another breeder may be a better fit. We understand that your plans may change after a deposit is placed. Thus we have no problem refunding a deposit at any time for any reason.


Our Rehoming/ Adoption rates are typically on the lower end of our doodle competitors who offer a similar quality puppy. We pride ourself in making Rehoming/ Adoption of puppies from our program as affordable as possible.



Travis believes that puppies are healthier and properly socialized when raised in a family setting, rather than a  kennel with dozens of dogs or a puppy mill.



All  puppies from our breeding program come with an generous two year health warranty. If you follow our feeding, training and care recommendations it extends to three years.




Most families prefer to pick their puppy up at one facility in silicon valley. However we also have a network of partners in various cities throughout the U.S. which can help shorten your trip. If you are unable to make the trip, we deliver for a flat rate $400 (a second pup is only $150 more for delivery). Families love the convenience our network offers them to get a puppy without making the trip themselves.


As a recognized leader in the Doodle community, we enjoy giving back. Several puppies from each litter are fostered and raised as service dogs.  These puppies are provided to service organizations at reduced cost making them more available for others in need.


Complete our application at

SiliconvalleyGoldendoodles.com so we can assess if your family

Is a good fit for our program.

Upon approval of your application, you can place a refundable

Deposit to be placed on our waiting list.  Once the puppies are born

You can begin to visit them after they are two weeks old and can choose

Your puppy at 6 weeks old.

Bring Your New Puppy Home

After 8 weeks your puppy will be ready to come home and join your family.

We provide a shopping list of recommended products and also training videos

to get you started in your new journey.  We can also ship your puppy for a flate rate

to you.

The Dogs from our breeding program enjoy living in the moment!



Travis is a retired International Certified  Dog Groomer.  He has worked with a diversity breeds in his profession is commonly regarded as one of the top 100 dog groomers in the world.  In 2017 Travis sold his dog grooming salon and relocated to Silicon Valley to pursue his Doctorate in Neuropsychology.  In his spare time, he volunteers for the Santa Clara County Suicide prevention hotline, the San Francisco VA Hospital and is active in many animal rescue organizations.

Our History

Silicon valley goldendoodles, was started as a hobby out of a passion for the breed and has grown Into a labor of love with a strong emphasis on natural rearing. What is most important to us is to set our dogs up for a life of health and happiness. As an International Certified Dog Groomer, I have come to love Goldendoodles because of how brilliant these dogs are. We pride ourselves on raising quality, family-friendly dogs  and service dogs that make the best, and fluffiest, companions. From our home to yours, these dogs are given the highest quality of  care and love so they can truly thrive.

Our Purpose

Our Breeding Program exists to raise  puppies to be trained as Service Dogs to assist the disabled. We can usually determine which dogs won’t make it all the way through training. Puppies that would be uncomfortable with the many varying settings in public are rehomed as family pets. We have a very high rate of success with the dogs in our program making it as service dogs and family pets. This is a result of  the excellent breeding behind our dogs – we produce highly trainable dogs with calm and loving temperaments, intelligence and good  health.

Our Standards


The dogs in my  breeding program are the best, and they are treated as such! They are not left in kennels. We keep all  moms on site and work with 2 different local families to keep our males.We take an active role in the health and training of our breeding dogs, they are loved and a part of our family. This ensures that each dog gets the individual attention that they need and deserve.


In order to ensure the quality of our puppies, all of our breeding dogs are either OFA certified for hips and elbows or have had PennHIP certification, have a heart clearance and CERF for eyes. Some of our dogs are also shown in the ring to prove the quality of their confirmation and breeding.  All Puppies from our program come with a health guarantee.

James 39lb red moyen poodle

Ms. MoneyPenny F1B Goldendoodle 39 LBS

Zuse 8 lb toy poodle

Kumo 8 lb Bichon